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A True Crime Comedy Podcast

It's not a cult, it's a podcast, but really it's a cult. 

That’s So F*cked Up is a true crime comedy podcast. Each week hosts Ashley Love Richards and Cameron Holly Dexter tell enthralling stories, using comedy and thorough research to explore what inspires people to do the f****d up things they do. Nature? Nurture? Society? Let's investigate from our couches together! 



Absolutely obsessed with these babes! Their podcast is funny, witty, and down right addictive! I love the cases they cover and I get so excited for the next episode! If you’re not listening to them, you better start!

— MCG, Apple Podcast Review

During this pandemic podcasts are what have saved me and this one in particular is always a fun listen. I feel like I’ve made new friends and enjoy the heck out of their goofy banter and topics. Thank you for doing what you do!

— Morticia Poppins, Apple Podcast Review

Finally two people I like at work (well kind of). Sorting through spreadsheets and making the next marketing plans just got SO MUCH better. I cannot thank you ladies enough for keeping me laughing, learning and smiling throughout my days and commutes! I’m hooked- keep up the great work. Also Ashley, the show is fire, and thank you girls for confirming I’m not too old to use the word.

— Sam sea, Apple Podcast Review

Love this podcast! The way Cam and Ashley tell stories is really engaging. I love listening to their thoughts on serial killers. They talk about the victims with such sensitivity but can also make light of some of the circumstances which really appeals to my sense of humour. The bingo is such a novel idea!

— Australia1979, Apple Podcast Review

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